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Astex 7616

The Astex Narrow Web Hi-Speed printer is designed for continous printing of elastic bands, ribbons, or small format Roll-to-Roll printing.

Features include:-

  • Individual unwind guides for narrow transfer paper.
  • A separate unwind/rewind system for blotting tissue (to control dye contamination).
  • Optional take-off to storage box system.
  • Production - 5 yds/min.
  • Printing width - 13".

Exact temperature regulation, the key to consistent high quality printing, is accurately maintained by three solid-state, high precision thermostats. Each unit has four automatic functions:-

  1. Actual value zone temperature digital display.
  2. Set point temperature display.
  3. Alarm signal, if temperature varies above or below set point.
  4. Fail-safe thermocouple monitor.


  • 24" (61 cm) diameter heated drum.
  • 13" (35 cm) printing area.
  • Three zone solid state temperature control.
  • Separate transfer paper unwinds.
  • Easy On/Off belt removal.
  • Guide system for alignment of material.
  • Unwind and rewind devices for blotting tissue.


  • Static eliminator system.
  • Adjustable air operated clutches.
  • Digital dwell time indicator.
  • 8' powered ribbon separator with 5 drop-offs.


  • High quality ghost-free printing.
  • High production.
  • Low maintenance - 15 minute belt change.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Prints multi-lanes of ribbons or elastic.


Belt Width 16" (41 cm)
Machine Width 38" (97 cm)
Machine Length 46" (117 cm)
Machine Height 56" (142 cm)
Belt Speed (Max) 10 YPM (9 m/m)
Amps Draw @ 220/3/60 40
Weight 900 lbs (409 kg)

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