Comez Ironprint

COMEZ IRONPRINT has been created to provide specialist narrow fabric manufacturers with a simple, practical and economical means of ironing bands, ribbons and laces, both rigid and elastic with good results.

It is the perfect way to obtain excellent product presentation; the appearance of the product will be even and compact.

Using transfer paper it can also be used to print the most diverse patterns.

The machine has a working width of 46 cm and allows simultaneous processing of several ribbons.

COMEZ IRONPRINT is equipped with a sophisticated rotating cylinder heating system with electrical resistances for electronic temperature control, which makes it possible to set different temperatures, depending on the item which is to be ironed. Thanks to the electrical resistances, the ironing cylinder quickly reaches the required temperature.

The cloth protection device is worth a particular mention. In the event of accidental machine stops, this device inserts a protective layer between the heated cylinder and the finished product, thus ensuring that there is no damage to the latter.

  • Time required to reach the temperature of 150°C - approximately 25 minutes.
  • Time required to reach the temperature of 200°C - approximately 40 minutes.
  • Temperature range - from 40 to 205°C.
  • Power consumption - around 7 kW.

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